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About Me

Sometimes tools and new techniques seem overwhelming and it's hard to find time for creations. You see yourself with all these supplies but no idea how to make something unique that has your special touch.

I'm Jana Oliveira  I help creatives to make digital artsy layouts they feel proud of. I unblock the complicated steps to create digital art and give my students the confidence to learn all the creative assets they already have.  

My supportive, positive and encouraging style will take your art to the next step. I like to just have good art conversations, share and be available to my students.

Create Art & Learn Skills

Why Should You Join Me?

What's Included

  • 1 Monthly Live Session
  • Monthly Theme with Mini kit companion.
  • 1 Monthly  step by step Layout tutorial  
  • 1 Monthly Live Q & A
  • Bonus:  pdfs, downloads, checklists, and support.
  • Monthly Challenge
  • A network of fellow digital creators supporting each other.
  • A direct answer to questions.
  • Future Special Events.
  • Ambassador Program.

What is a network?

In this network, we're not just about providing classes. We're a community of digital creators that want to learn together. 

The network is very interactive and gives you the possibility to make friends, ask feedback and have personal help. 

The goal of the network is for you to take full control of Photoshop and start creating your art. It's for people that want to get started with digital artsy creations  and/or want to take that further learning to create their own things and use their supplies to their full potential.


Learn how to make better pages.

Learn how style works with Digital Artsy Style.

How can you find more time to create?

You'll learn how to create things from supplies you have. Connect, be inspired and make friends without ads or distractions. Accessible from anywhere. Learn and connect on the go.

What Students have to Say?

"Pat Johann The class was fantastic. I learned so much. What I really appreciated was finally discovering what my art style really is--bold colors with lots of texture. That happened when I did the mood boards. Thanks, Jana. You are an excellent teacher." Pat J


  • Is this network works for Photoshop Elements as well?

All the videos and techniques are in Photoshop CC although we'll teach eventually in other programs. Digital Artsy intermediate and advanced techniques are best with pro software. If you feel confident and know how to translate the techniques from Photoshop CC to any other software you use you can always try the free trial and see if that works for you. But there is not Photoshop Elements only videos.

  • Is this just community or do we have classes?

This network provides classes, and also the live classes all with recording provided in classes and also it's a community where you can share and have an active exchange with me the host and fellow members we have even a live chat room where you can talk live with other members.

  • Is it easy to cancel?

You can cancel the membership anytime just going to your account without having to contact anyone. When you do cancel you still have access to the date that you paid for. Ex: if you paid for 1 month and cancel after 5 days you still have access to the rest of the 25 days of the month. The same with the annual membership.

  • Refund Policy

30-day money back refunds are for annual members. You will receive back the money left from your annual payment. Monthly members can cancel anytime and will have access to their membership until the last day of their billing.

  • Videos Download

Videos download links are provided to annual members in a private group.

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